4 Weeks Out – 1RM calculators not accurate

Before training I weighed in at 67.1kg – happy with this and expecting to be well in thr 66kg range by the time the competition comes around (only need to be <67.5kg).

I have been training in the 5 – 6 rep range for the last few weeks and have noticed something big:
1 Max Rep calculators are not accurate.

I performed a real 1Rep attempt after my main sets and easily lifted more than what the calculators were saying.

I think this is because of 2 reasons:
Being on a keto diet has knocked back my ability to perform a lot of reps with an exercise
My form and setup is solid with one rep but it slackens with multiple reps

For the next 3 weeks I'm going to lift what I plan to lift on competition day.
Get my 3 lifts locked into a groove so on the day I'm 100% ready.

There are a few bits I want to work on (grip widths and back arch) but its too late to try new things, will look at these after the competition, worst thing I could do is deviate fron the plan!


5 Weeks out

This week has been a hard slog.

Its a strange drained feeling:
My mind is normal.
My energy levels feel brillant.
My limbs quickly tire and feel heavy even when walking.
I do a lot of walking, I could walk miles easily, recently my breathing is increasing way too much when on a walk.

After a bit of Google-fu I think I know the reason.

I’m completely lacking Potassium. My diet comes no where near to giving me enough.

I’m now supplementing Potassiun to hit 100% of the daily requirement.

I hope this makes my performance pick up as this weeks training session was the same as last week, a bit weak.

6 Weeks Out

Bit behind updating this.

Stopped practicing 1RM and aimed to keep in the strength building rep range of 4 – 5.

5 decent sets of these on the bench, working out my 1RM from these….I’m not 100% happy with the results.

Fingers crossed it was a bad day

7 Weeks Out

Went from a CKD (Anabolic Diet) to full ketogenic diet for over a week now – made goal weight this morning of 67.5kg!
Way quicker than I expected.

Now I’m going to drop just a little more so I have some breathing space for when I change the odd variable in an attempt to maximize my performance.

The lack of a refeed day has adversely affected my strength.
I don’t know if my body will adapt to no carb day or if it will be needed – something I can experiment with when I have wiggle room bodyweight wise.

Celebrating my weigh in with loads of cheese!

8 Weeks Out

8 weeks until I try my first powerlifting event.

My current weight is 10st 10lbs or 68kg.

I want to make weight for the 67.5kg class.

I plan to go more extreme for at least 3 weeks to make weight and then my nutrition will be based on maintaining weight while optimizing performance.

No more carb refeed days for the next 3 weeks……basically total keto.

Then if I’m at weight I’ll start tinkering with other variables to see what best works for me and my performance.

Calories and TEF – Thermic Effect of Food

Macros and Calories

Outside of the body we measure the following macros as having these caloric values:
Carbs – 4 calories
Prorein – 4 calories
Fat – 9 calories

These values do not take into account the calories available to our bodies when we consume them.
All the processes our body has to do to utilise the contents from these macros require energy….or calories.

The energy it takes to extract the energy from food differs between each macro:

  • Carbohydrates: 5 to 15% of the energy consumed
  • Protein: 20 to 35%
  • Fats: at most 5 to 15 %

So consuming 2000 calories of protein would give you far less available calories then from consuming 2000 calories from fat.

My Diet – Modifications – 9 weeks to go

I’ve noticed over the last week that I’ve stalled a little with fat loss.

I have 67 days until the competition, just over 9 weeks.

I’m sitting at 153lbs or 69.4kg, I need to be at least 148.8lbs or 67.5kg.

Just 5lbs to lose in 9 weeks…..but in a way that won’t impact strength.

Current Diet

Currently I’m following a CKD (cyclogenic ketogenic diet) called The Anabolic Diet:

  • No carbs for 6 days
  • Carb up on the seventh
  • I always train fasted (this isn’t a requirement, just my preference)


I’ve started dropping dietry fat from my no carb days so that my energy requirements are met by using stored bodyfat.

I plan to tone down the type of foods I eat on my carb days – move to only complex carbs from next week (this current moment happens to be a carb day and I’ve just finished off 2 bowls of cereal).

I am currently very active – I plan to add a further LISS (low intensity steady state) form of exercise on waking for 20 minutes – this type of exercise won’t impact my gym performance and can only help with the fat loss.

Shall see how these tweaks play out and re-evaluate in 2 weeks – have to give change some time before you judge if it is effective.